At Donald Primary School our overall aim is to develop the needs of the whole child, academically, socially, emotionally and physically with a strong emphasis on student well-being. The following aims underpin our personal development values to ensure the healthy progress of every child is made and so that each child has the knowledge, skills and resiliency to be successful in a rapidly changing world.

Our School

The Donald Primary School is a rural school of 89 students. All children are expected to develop the knowledge, skills, independence, and self-discipline necessary to achieve their personal best and ‘Play the Game’. Our aim is to instil in our students the need to accept responsibility for their own learning and respect both themselves and others. These aims underpin our personal development values which ensure that each child has the confidence, skills and resilience to be a successful learner.

Our well-rounded and robust curriculum is enhanced but not limited to some of the following programs – Respectful Relationships, ICT, Hands on Learning, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, Avocados (an emphasis on the ‘basics’ in all core subjects), numerous PE Programs, a variety of extracurricular activities including camps, special theme days, visiting school performances and student leadership programs.

We proudly boast a highly enriched ICT environment including an interactive whiteboard or flat-screen TV in every classroom, a 1:1 ratio for computers and iPads, school wide and over 20 digital and video cameras. Amongst our building structures we have a ‘Big Shed’ multi-purpose stadium as well as a junior developmental play and a creative arts centre with extensive outdoor areas.

Our school has 3 equivalent full time teaching staff, 5 part time teaching staff, one Principal and 6 education support staff members. The township of Donald is approximately 250 kilometres north-west of Melbourne with a population of 1700 people.

School Service Standards

The school guarantees all students access to a broad, balanced, flexible and individualized curriculum where teachers work in partnership with students and parents to drive improvement. A commitment to timely, focused feedback is guaranteed.

The school provides a safe, well maintained and stimulating environment where DET guidelines are followed and behavioural and OHS matters are dealt with in a consistent manner and as a priority.

The school has a Performance and Development culture that ensures staff are committed to meeting the goals and targets of the Strategic Plan. The staff undertake relevant whole school and individual professional development connected to school priorities, their year level and current Performance Development plans.

School values:

  • Encouraging, recognising, celebrating and rewarding achievement.
  • Treating children as individuals and building on their strengths and developing their weaknesses.
  • Providing high quality, innovative teaching and learning opportunities.
  • Valuing our staff and encouraging their professional development.
  • Maintaining the highest ethical standards and treating everyone fairly and equitably.
  • Striving for continuous improvement and promoting innovation.
  • Offering a diverse range of school programs and extra curricula activities.
  • Emphasising children being engaged and having fun in an organised, quality learning environment.

Our Staff

Meet our Donald Primary School teachers and staff.

Mr Gavin Young


Mrs Georgie Dixon

Business Manager

Miss Teagan Anderson

Prep Teacher & Tutor

Miss Brooke Thompson

Year 1&2 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Forrest

Year 3&4 Teacher

Mr Paul Matters

Year 4&5 Teacher

Mrs Jenny Mortlock

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Jenny Goldsmith

Art Teacher

Mrs Kylie Geddes

ES Staff & Office Administration

Daelene Green

ES Staff

Robyn Sheridan

ES Staff

Sara Adams

ES Staff