Our School - Financial Assistance for Parents

Financial Assistance for Families

  • State Schools' Relief
  • Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)
  • Schoolkids Bonus
  • Child Care Benefit and Family Assistance

It is important that every student, regardless of their circumstances, has the best possible chance to reach their potential.


State Schools' Relief

If your family is eligible, you can receive financial assistance to help meet the costs of your child’s education.

School uniforms, shoes, books and more

This support is provided by not-for-profit organisation State Schools’ Relief (SSR), which currently assists 10,000 students through its fundraising efforts. SSR will be provided with more than $15.65 million over four years from the Victorian Government. With this extra funding, State Schools’ Relief will provide more than 25,000 students across Victoria with new uniforms, shoes, books and more every year for four years.

What eligible families get
Parents or carers with children in Victorian government schools may receive free or discounted:

  • new school uniforms
  • new school shoes
  • new textbooks stationery, including workbooks, pencils etc
  • software, including access to some educational websites.

Victorian government Prep students who are recipients of the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund are automatically eligible for a uniform package.

Who is eligible?
You qualify to receive assistance if you have children at a Victorian government school and are facing one or more of the following:

  • health issues resulting in serious financial difficulty
  • house fires where school clothing is lost
  • natural disasters
  • serious financial difficulty.

How to apply

State Schools’ Relief only responds to requests from schools and not from parents. The school will then make a request to State Schools' Relief on your behalf.
Talk to your school principal, assistant principal or student welfare coordinator about the possibility of getting uniforms, shoes, books and stationery through the State Schools’ Relief.
For more information about applying for State Schools’ Relief, contact your school directly. For information about donating to the charity, see: State Schools' Relief


Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

The Victorian Government have unveiled a new $148 million initiative to ensure all Victorian students can take part in school trips and sporting activities.

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) will run over four years and provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions.

Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year will be paid for eligible primary school students, with $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school students. Payments will go directly to the school and be tied to the student.

For more information, contact your school or see: Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

Schoolkids Bonus

The Schoolkids Bonus is a Commonwealth Government payment to assist eligible families with education costs. The Bonus is automatically paid by the Department of Human Services in two instalments each year. There is no need to make a claim. For more information, see: Department of Human Services


Child Care Benefit and Family Assistance

The Child Care Benefit helps eligible families with the cost of outside school hours care, vacation care and registered care. For more information about eligibility and making claims, see Centrelink:Child Care Benefit

To be eligible for either of the Family Tax Benefits, A or B, or a Parenting Payment, families need to meet an income test. For more information, see: Centrelink: Family Assistance

From 1 January 2012, the Family Tax Benefit Part A has increased for eligible families with dependent children aged 16 to 19 years, who are undertaking full-time secondary study.

For more information on the increases for eligible families, see: Supporting Families with Teenagers – Changes to Family Assistance Costs and Financial Assistance