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Dear Parent/Guardian

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 provides that instruction in the standard curriculum program is delivered free to all students in Victorian Government schools; this is referred to as ‘free instruction'. The Act also grants school councils the power to charge fees for goods and services to support the delivery of free instruction and to raise funds.

Free instruction includes learning and teaching, instructional supports, materials and resources, administration and facilities associated with the provision of the standard curriculum program. The standard curriculum program includes core learning and teaching activities related to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and senior secondary certificates such as VCE, VCAL and VET in Schools programs.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Parent Payments in Victorian Government Schools policy provides advice on the different types of payments that schools can request from parents and outlines the procedures and protocols schools must adhere to. This policy is available from the Department’s School Policy and Advisory Guide (www.education.vic.gov.au/spag).

School councils are responsible for developing and approving a school-level parent payment policy that is compliant with the Department’s policy.

There are three areas for which parents may reasonably be requested to make a payment or contribution:

• essential education items which parents/guardians pay the school to provide or may provide themselves, if appropriate: for example, stationery, text books and excursions (travel and entry costs)

• optional extras which are offered on a user-pays basis and which parents/guardians may choose whether their child accesses or participates in: for example, school magazines or extracurricular programs

• voluntary financial contributions which parents/guardians may be invited to donate to the school.

Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children are provided with essential education items. The school makes every effort to keep the cost of items that need to be purchased at a minimum. Parents/guardians also have the option of providing essential education items themselves.

Alternative payment arrangements are also available through the school.

The Donald Primary school council has made a considerable effort to ensure that this school policy is fair and provides a number of options to support parents to access the materials and services associated with their child's education.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss your circumstances and the options available to you, please contact the school to make an appointment.

The school-level parent payment policy is available on this website under Parent Information - Policies.  

Danny Forrest Principal

Donald Primary School 2019 Parent Payment Charges – All Year Levels

Please find the itemised list that includes essential education items (those items that your child needs for school) and optional extras (that you can choose whether your child participates in or accesses).

Donald Primary School makes every effort to keep the cost and number of items that need to be purchased to a minimum. We also try to ensure that the costs are affordable for all parents. If you will have difficulty making payments please make an appointment to speak to Danny Forrest (Principal) to discuss possible support options and flexible payment arrangements. Any information about your financial circumstances, payment arrangements or status will be kept strictly confidential.

We would appreciate payment of any outstanding charges by Thursday 24th March 2016 (last day of Term 1, 2016). Please Note: Additional school charges may arise during the year. For example: It is expected that there will be excursions and camps later in the year and you will be given ample notice of the expected costs once these are established

 Essential Education Items  

Classroom Stationery Pack comprises some or all of the following itemsdepending on year level

 Reader covers Reader Bags with School Logo Exercise books, Display books, Project books,
Writing books Ruler, scissors, blu-tack, glue sticks Pens, pencils, rubber, pencil sharpener,
textas, crayons. Paper – ruled, dotted thirds, coloured, kinder squares, graph Grade 
Student Diary  Prep – 2 : Read It Home Reading Diary
Grade 3 – 4 : Reading Trek Student Diary
Grade 5 – 6 : Study Trek Student Diary 
Specialist Subjects: Art / Science / ICT / French /
Active Hands on Learning/ Bush School / Kitchen Garden 

 Specialist materials for these subjects including:
exercise books, art supplies, use of computers & iPads (1 to 1 Program),
‘Active Hands on Learning’ materials, garden plants & materials, cooking ingredients, etc.
Literacy, Numeracy & ICT annual licenses for online & computer based programs.

 Travel & Cultural Levy

This levy has been introduced to reduce the continual request for money that occurs when
we have visiting shows and excursions, etc. The following items are also covered by this levy:
Visiting performances, overnight camps, P – 2 BBQ Disco & Sleepover, special theme days
and activities, all sports events including bus travel to athletics, regional sports, swimming
program, affiliations and levies for all associations, lunchtime activities, Avocados Program,
Grade 5/6 leadershipprograms and awards, students presentations, EXPO, Art Show and grade 6 graduation.

Optional Education Items

Extra-Curricular Activities

Grade 3 & 4 Camp 

Grade 5 & 6 Camp 

Odd Year (2015) Cheaper Camp (local/regional)   $100 - $150 

Even Years(2016) More Expensive i.e. Capital & Regional Cities.  $250 - $350
To be advised later in the year.
Extra-Curricular activities, eg. RACV Energy Breakthrough 
Voluntary Financial Contributions
 Garden Levy  Garden & Grounds maintenance & beautification  ONE PAYMENT/FAMILY   $ 20 / family 


Summary of Parent Payment Charges


  Essential Education Items       $200 / Student
  Optional Extras       TBA
  Voluntary Financial Contribution       $20 / Family
  TOTAL      $220 for first child
$200 for each additional child

Parent Payment Arrangements

  • Option A (full amount by the end of Term 1)
  • Option B (payment at the beginning of each Term)
  • Option C (half yearly payment)
  • Option D (other payment arrangements)*
    * (If selecting Option D please make an appointment with the school to discuss your circumstances and the available options)

Please see Family Statement for list of charges