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142 Years & Still Celebrating 1874 – 2019
On Monday, 30th November, 1874 the Donald State School No.1465 opened its doors for the first time. It had taken the towns people five years and after many setbacks, town meetings and fundraisers the school was finally established and the children of Donald had a school to call their own. Would they believe that after all their hard work of 145 years ago the school would still be going as strong as ever.

The school and the Donald community have celebrated many great moments over the past 142 years. Like the Donald community that has grown into being a well-respected town throughout the Wimmera Region for its ‘have a go attitude,’ likewise the Donald Primary School has also developed into being a well-respected and highly regarded educational setting across Victoria.

From its early beginnings the old school has maintained its rustic character and charm and despite the fact that the original rabbit warren, weather beaten weatherboard and red brick buildings are still in use today we all love the sense of safety and homeliness’ that the school provides. Together with the well-maintained, magnificent grounds and gardens the environment has fostered unforgettable memories from numerous generations of families who have trudged through one of three main entranceways.

Donald Primary School remains committed to giving all students a quality education and strive to ensure every educational opportunity is afforded to all students and staff members. We take pride in the way we cater for individual needs through our welfare initiatives and foster a welcoming, safe and happy learning environment through our willingness to uphold our school values. We provide leadership opportunities for our senior students and offer an array of extra-curricular activities which enable students to showcase and develop their many talents.

If you would like more information about the information above please don’t hesitate to ring the school and ask.    

I am available for appointments with all parents to discuss their child’s progress and well-being. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment if you are having difficulty with anything. Please take the time to make an appointment if you are unsure or worried about anything, big or small. Help keep the channels of communication open by working together to build a cooperative team environment. Without the continued support of home and school very little progress can be made.
Coming Together is a beginning, Working Together is success!

Gavin Young
Acting Principal