Our School - Bus Travellers

 Who can travel on a school bus?

The general rule is that students living 4.8 km or more from, and attending their nearest appropriate school/campus, are eligible to travel on a school bus service at no cost.
Students not attending their nearest school/campus may access a school bus subject to seating capacity and upon payment of a fare.

An application form must be completed for each child travelling on a bus on a regular basis.

Can my child travel on a school bus if they are not a regular bus traveller?

Parents / Guardians must contact both the Primary School (Ph 5497 1581) and the Donald High School (Ph 5497 1205) to seek permission for a child who is not a regular bus traveller to travel on a school bus

Daily Routine of Bus Travel:

A list of students travelling on each bus in marked off on a roll by your child's teacher each morning and a teacher on duty at the bus stop.
This ensures students are on the correct bus and get on the bus when they are supposed to.

Parents are requested to provide a note, phone call or eform via Skoolbag if their child is not travelling on a particular day or on a regular day during term (eg for sport).

Conveyance Allowance:

An allowance is available to students who travel more than 4.8km to their nearest bus stop.
See below for an application form for Conveyance Allowance.