Our School - Houses & School Leaders

In 1962 the houses were established at Donald Primary School, the same year that the  Donald Higher Elementary School became the Donald High School.

 The houses are named after lakes and rivers in the local district.

AVON ~ BLUE      House Captains 2016 :   Hannah Dixon   Claudia Griffiths   Jacob Murray   Jonty Funcke

BATYO ~ YELLOW     House Captains 2016 ;   Lily King   Kate Euvrard   Kieran Potter   Aaron Scholfield   Connor Clark-Mills

BULOKE ~ GREEN     House Captains 2016 :   Amelia Leith   Isabella Forrest   Kye Constable   Jake Needs   Brannon Walker

RICHARDSON ~ RED      House Captains 2016 :   Hayley Martin   Kiara Berry   Michael Roos   Hayden Geddes

School Leaders 2016

 Kiara Berry     Isabella Forrest     Hayden Geddes     Jonty Funcke

Each year all students are placed into a school House. Every week all Houses can receive House points which are collected and go towards the Meyer House Trophy for the House of the Year. Students are most likely, but may not, stay in the same house for their entire schooling. This is because each year Grade 6 student is given the honour of leading a House. Therefore we mix students around to make sure the Houses are even. After that occurs all brothers and sisters are placed into a House. We try to keep each House around the same size so that everyone has an equal chance of participating during sporting events, relays and at theme days.