Curriculum & Programs - Kitchen Garden Program

Donald Primary has been associated with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program since 2003.
Pleasurable food education teaches students to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal, delicious food.

Students love kitchen and garden classes because they’re fun. Pleasurable food education is about children experiencing the joy of digging in the garden, picking fresh veggies, smelling and tasting the food they prepare, and sharing the experience with their classmates and helpers.

How school gardens help our children grow stronger As well as helping children lead happier, healthier lives today, the research showed gardening helped them acquire the essential skills they need to fulfil their potential in a rapidly-changing world and make a positive contribution to society as a whole.

The 3 Rs of School Gardening Although the benefits of gardening as a teaching tool are many and varied, we’ve identified 3 core areas in which children’s lives are radically improved.

They become:

  1. Ready to learn
  2. Resilient
  3. Responsible

Specifically it found that gardening in schools encourages children to:

  • Become stronger, more active learners capable of thinking independently and adapting their skills and knowledge to new challenges at school and in future;
  • Gain a more resilient, confident and responsible approach to life so they can achieve their goals and play a positive role in society;
  • Learn vital job skills such as presentation skills, communication and team work, and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle as an important tool for success at school and beyond;
  • Develop the ability to work and communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds.